Their 2nd Christmas


The Cave Triplets’ second Christmas was much more interactive than their first.  We had just brought them home in time for Christmas last year, and they weren’t exactly mobile.  In fact, their eyes weren’t fully developed yet, so they probably couldn’t even see what was happening around them.

It takes planning to get out of the house.  We have to start at least an hour in advance.  The party started at 11 AM, and we made it there by 11:30 AM…not bad given what it takes to load them in the minivan.

This year, we ventured to my sister in law’s house 1 mile away.  This was great for a variety of reasons.  For starters, it is really close in case there was a meltdown where we would need to go home.  Also, being so close made it easy to run back home should we have forgotten anything important.  However, with their impressive haul of gifts this year, Angelique’s brother made a separate trip to our house with all of the gifts as there was no way they’d fit in the minivan.

They got everything from more toys, a wagon, more clothes, lots of stuffed dolls, and things to ride on.

They are all walking now, with Emma joining her siblings on the fun just before Christmas.  It’s still a strange feeling seeing them walking around now.

Grandma got them their own remote controls for Christmas.  They were more fascinated with those than all of the gifts they received. I’m sure next Christmas they’ll be even more aware of all of the gifts and the excitement will build.  They are a lot of fun to interact with.

I’m not sure where we will put all of this stuff they are accumulating, but it’s not a bad problem to have!

They all had good naps at some point during the party, and we packed it up and headed home later that afternoon.  It didn’t throw their routine off too much.

It may not make much sense to folks when we tell them we don’t really need Christmas presents, as the kids are the best Christmas presents we could ever ask for.  Before they came into our lives, there were many Christmases where we wished for a baby – if only it were that easy.

Next year they’ll be even bigger, and they’ll want to be more independent, so we all need to cherish these precious moments while they last.  Soon, gone will be the days where they don’t mind being held, there will be no more warming of bottles, let alone diaper changing.  So in some regard, they still need us.  It feels great to be needed for those things, by the way.  Before we know it, they’ll be grown, talking back, bickering with one another, and telling us how they can’t wait to be on their own.  I’ll laugh when I hear that one – if they only knew what it took to have them!



Cavelet Firsts, Leasts and Mosts

First to implant in the uterus:

Michaela (she was always measuring a week ahead of Emma)

First born:

Michaela (followed by Emma and Christopher)

First off bubble CPAP:

Michaela  after 1 day (breathed on her own from then on)

First out of isolette:


First out of the NICU:

Michaela at 6 weeks and 1 day (followed by Emma and Christopher 13 days later on the same day with a total stay of 7 weeks and 6 days)

First to cut teeth (Surprise!):

Emma (two on the bottom)

Most teeth so far (at 14 months and 1 day):

Michaela (8: 4 on top and 4 on the bottom)

First to sleep thru the night:

Emma (12 hours)

First to roll over:


First to crawl:


First to stand up:


First to Babble:


First to take steps:


First to walk:


Weighs the most:

Christopher (28 lbs)

Weighs the least:

Michaela (21 lbs)

First to clap hands:


Most Talkative (Surprise!):


Most Sensitive:


Least Interested in playing  hard:


First to shake their head “No, no, no”:


Birth Day Photos (10-23-2014)


This was a very emotional day.  It crept up on us.  I remember everything happening so fast.  When they tell you that you might be having babies today, life takes on a whole new meaning…quickly.

The Cavelets were born at 29 weeks, 3 days.  Emma and Christopher had trouble breathing initially, so they needed a little help.  Doctors gave them surfactant to keep their lungs from sticking and put them on bubble CPAP.  They both were also intubated for a few days, which really helped them.

Those first few days of status updates from the doctor were so stressful.  There’s no sugar coating what they tell you.  They tell you straight up, including worst case scenarios.

So who’s who in all of these photos?  They were really hard to tell apart when they came out.  Emma had the most hair, but they were all pretty pink.

And just like that, our lives changed forever.



Angelique’s Early Pregnancy Photos


I figured it would be nice to post some of the early pregnancy photos from the early stages of the pregnancy.

The early weeks (11-19 before the bed rest kicked in)

A few days before delivering

These last two pictures were taken 1.) The day before she delivered and 2.) En route to an ultrasound at 28 weeks (it was too difficult to see the babies due to the crowding).



Welcome to the Blog!

Greetings Followers,

I intend to start blogging here about the many happenings of the Cave Triplets as they grow up.  I hope that you enjoy my writing and any pictures that I include.  I will have to play catch up, starting with pictures from when they were first born and a bit about the story.