This was a very emotional day.  It crept up on us.  I remember everything happening so fast.  When they tell you that you might be having babies today, life takes on a whole new meaning…quickly.

The Cavelets were born at 29 weeks, 3 days.  Emma and Christopher had trouble breathing initially, so they needed a little help.  Doctors gave them surfactant to keep their lungs from sticking and put them on bubble CPAP.  They both were also intubated for a few days, which really helped them.

Those first few days of status updates from the doctor were so stressful.  There’s no sugar coating what they tell you.  They tell you straight up, including worst case scenarios.

So who’s who in all of these photos?  They were really hard to tell apart when they came out.  Emma had the most hair, but they were all pretty pink.

And just like that, our lives changed forever.



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