Having all three walking now is something else.  Now they are even more eager to explore their new world.  It’s been weird having to walk around them as they are right on our heels now.  When the refrigerator door opens, at least one of them is right there, ready to pull something out.

For now, we still have them confined to the family room and kitchen area where we can keep an eye on them.  The rest of the house presents too many opportunities for them to get into to something they shouldn’t.  We try our best to include them in whatever we are doing.  They haven’t figured out how to climb on things yet, but that’s only a matter of time.

They aren’t quite used to shoes yet.  As we get out more, we will make that a priority.  The first time we tried them on with Christopher, he collapsed to the ground and went boneless.  You’d think someone chopped off his feet the way he was behaving.

Michaela is a fast walker and has mastered all of her moves, so she gets where she wants to go with ease.  Emma is just starting to prefer to walk from place to place, and her pace is faster.  Christopher is all over the place.  He storms around like a truck that lost its breaks.  He doesn’t care much who is in his way, as he’ll barrel through until he reaches his destination.  He doesn’t bend his knees yet, which makes it funny.

It’ll be interesting when they each want to go in three different directions when we are out and about.

Michaela and Christopher

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