New Challenges

Last night, I decided I would try and take Michaela upstairs to sleep and have her in the crib in the room away from our Master. Emma had been sleeping in the room with me in her pack and play most of the night most nights for the past 2 months. I set up a baby monitor so I could hear Michaela when she cried. Within 30 minutes of putting her down bada Bing – she cried. She had lost her binkie.

The next time she cried she had to burp. Unfortunately I was unable to put her back in the crib without her crying so I abandoned the experiment and brought her in the room with me. We rocked in the rocker and she found her spot. Man, that was nice. Made me sleepy too!  After 20 minutes of that she was out so I put her in bed with me as I didn’t have her pack and play upstairs (yet). She stayed passed out. She is a much more active sleeper than her sister Emma though. She likes to be around people when she is working her way into her deep sleep. She and Christopher have piercing cries with their own next level, so if it goes on it is sure to wake up another sibling – such is life when you are a parent of multiples. Crying it out is a fantasy.  They do good adjusting to the adjustments we need to make as we continue to work towards flying solo on their care in the evenings. The most challenging part will be the nighttime routine given we only have two hands a piece and they all like to wind down the same way.

 Other than that, two or more are now usually sleeping until 4:30am and sometimes 5:00am. They go to bed around 6:00pm.  

Mornings are fun and very active, with playtime beginning shortly after bottles.  Then they get hungry aroind 1-2 hours later and are ready for breakfast. 

A Busy Weekend

We had a busy weekend.  For starters, we got our taxes done. It was a weird feeling at the end seeing the income drop from last year to this year; however, she hasn’t worked since 8/08/2014.  For a moment I flashed back to the months of bed rest, the 6-8 weeks in the NICU and then snapped out of it and smiled when I looked on my phone at the picture of our triple blessing. Things couldn’t have turned out any better than they have for us. Three healthy children – wow!

We took them to the park and let them explore. Still trying to get them accustomed to wearing shoes. 

We had family over for Angelique’s brother and sister’s birthday parties on Sunday, and the kids were good sports.

Michaela had her photoshoot Monday. She didn’t exactly smile but the picture is of course adorable. 

We still have to get the family photo taken, so be on the lookout for that photo.

We still plan on taking them to the beach. Given that the nearest beach is a few hours away, it is something we have to plan for.  When we have had to take one baby out at a time for whatever, it has been a piece of cake. Raising new multiples forces you to approach everything with more than one baby in mind. Given that it is all we know and have nothing to compare our experience to, carting one baby around is a peaceful experience if that makes sense. 

Thanks for reading,


More to Explore

Angelique and I continue to expand the area that Michaela, Emma and Christopher can explore.  They are all so curious.  Anytime we open the refrigerator door, it’s a race to reach in and grab something from the bottom shelf.  Michaela usually wins, and makes off with amino acids or sweet and sour sauce.  The same is true pretty much when any door opens.  When we open the baby gate, Christopher has taken to trying to muscle his way past, finding success a few times.

They love having more room to run around and explore the house.  It’s impacting their sleep schedule now, as they’re choosing to play hard when they are turned loose and forgo their afternoon naps and sometimes meals.  This leaves them cranky and overly tired some evenings.  They’re sleeping longer for the most part (with triplets, everything seems to be for the most part).

We don’t want to restrict them too much.  We’re letting them figure things out (for the most part…haha), and explore more.  Sharing tends to be an issue throughout the day.  Michaela seems to get fixated on what the other two have, and she gets this look in her eyes where she’s determined to take it from them.  I stare back at her when I intervene and return the item to who had it first, and then the stare down starts.

We also tend to let them think they are getting away with something.  This is where the spare remotes and other “prize items” come in handy.  They cart it off and play with it and have this accomplished look on their faces.  They like to show us things.  Michaela likes to bring us spare binkies in her possession, offer it up, and then pull it away and laugh.  Emma likes to point at things and jabber.  Christopher’s move is to carry large things across the room.

Generally speaking, they all get along.  Emma is still picked on by the other two, but now that she can flee it seems to happen less often.  Sometimes she just collapses on the floor and cries when she hears them coming.

Christopher has been getting put in time outs in the pack and play quite often lately.  He’s been tackling his sisters and gnawing on them.  He’ll then lay out on top of them – he’s heavy, so it doesn’t feel good.  But he’s relentless.  Pull him off and he goes right back for more.  When I get home I try and play hard with him to get him to burn off some of that energy.  No brother to do it with, so that leaves me.

Certain cartoons and animated movies hold their attention.  And when we discover that, we play it over and over.  Sometimes it’s the only thing that calms them down.


Getting them all out of the house still takes a lot of effort.  One at a time is pretty easy, though.  With spring right around the corner, we’ll be taking them out more and more.  They love it outside.

What else.  Changing their diapers and also dressing them is an adventure each time now. Angelique no longer uses the changing table.  They’ve pretty much outgrown it.  It’s amazing how far they’ve come.  Three little people with big personalities…awesome!




What’s New With The Cavelets?

The list could be long, but here are the highlights:


  • Is rarely seen without a binkie
  • Lots of new teeth, including a few molars
  • Walks around so fast, switching her little hips
  • Determined to steal whatever the other two have in their possession.  Determined, period.
  • Does not boss the other two around when in public social situations.  She’s the most reserved one
  • Now sports really fine wild hair.  Styling it is still pending until we see what it will do
  • Is a busy body.  She is rarely idle
  • Has intense eyes
  • Does NOT like it when we leave the room.  We can only imagine how dropping her off at daycare would end.  Meltdown city!
  • Loves to play keep away.  Pretends like she’s bringing us something, and then makes a quick U-turn


  • Is the most reserved of the three
  • Sleeps in the room with me upstairs in her pack and play most of the night
  • Loves her sleep
  • Loves soft plush toys.  Actually coos and caresses them
  • Is afraid of Christopher most of the time – there are very valid reasons for this.  He’s a bulldozer
  • Is actually the most vocal of the three
  • Gets easily excited and makes quick sudden movements.  Watch your bottom lip!
  • Loves pizza sauce
  • Can turn the light off in the kitchen if you tell her to when you walk by
  • Will probably be the one that wants to go away to college to escape the other two
  • Has a ticklish neck

Christopher (Mister Christer)

  • FINALLY got a tooth on the top (6 months after his first 2 bottom ones came in)
  • Loves to wrestle with his daddy when he gets home from work
  • Drools a lot
  • Has the worst balance of the three at the moment.  He’s always plopping down
  • Hasn’t yet learned to not stand up under the kitchen travertine table.  He can easily see what’s on the table.  If you don’t look at him when he does it usually he will not cry
  • Loves to play hard with Michaela.  They drift off to various adventures in their play area together
  • Is the best at putting himself to sleep
  • Loves to shake his head “No, no, no”.  I think it makes him dizzy
  • Has a ticklish neck
  • Doesn’t care what/who is in his path.  Mows right through it/them
  • Loves to drink out of sippy cups…and spit the liquid everywhere