We had a busy weekend.  For starters, we got our taxes done. It was a weird feeling at the end seeing the income drop from last year to this year; however, she hasn’t worked since 8/08/2014.  For a moment I flashed back to the months of bed rest, the 6-8 weeks in the NICU and then snapped out of it and smiled when I looked on my phone at the picture of our triple blessing. Things couldn’t have turned out any better than they have for us. Three healthy children – wow!

We took them to the park and let them explore. Still trying to get them accustomed to wearing shoes. 

We had family over for Angelique’s brother and sister’s birthday parties on Sunday, and the kids were good sports.

Michaela had her photoshoot Monday. She didn’t exactly smile but the picture is of course adorable. 

We still have to get the family photo taken, so be on the lookout for that photo.

We still plan on taking them to the beach. Given that the nearest beach is a few hours away, it is something we have to plan for.  When we have had to take one baby out at a time for whatever, it has been a piece of cake. Raising new multiples forces you to approach everything with more than one baby in mind. Given that it is all we know and have nothing to compare our experience to, carting one baby around is a peaceful experience if that makes sense. 

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