Last night, I decided I would try and take Michaela upstairs to sleep and have her in the crib in the room away from our Master. Emma had been sleeping in the room with me in her pack and play most of the night most nights for the past 2 months. I set up a baby monitor so I could hear Michaela when she cried. Within 30 minutes of putting her down bada Bing – she cried. She had lost her binkie.

The next time she cried she had to burp. Unfortunately I was unable to put her back in the crib without her crying so I abandoned the experiment and brought her in the room with me. We rocked in the rocker and she found her spot. Man, that was nice. Made me sleepy too!  After 20 minutes of that she was out so I put her in bed with me as I didn’t have her pack and play upstairs (yet). She stayed passed out. She is a much more active sleeper than her sister Emma though. She likes to be around people when she is working her way into her deep sleep. She and Christopher have piercing cries with their own next level, so if it goes on it is sure to wake up another sibling – such is life when you are a parent of multiples. Crying it out is a fantasy.  They do good adjusting to the adjustments we need to make as we continue to work towards flying solo on their care in the evenings. The most challenging part will be the nighttime routine given we only have two hands a piece and they all like to wind down the same way.

 Other than that, two or more are now usually sleeping until 4:30am and sometimes 5:00am. They go to bed around 6:00pm.  

Mornings are fun and very active, with playtime beginning shortly after bottles.  Then they get hungry aroind 1-2 hours later and are ready for breakfast. 

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