We are settling in to our new home. It’s a quiet neighborhood with very friendly neighbors. It’s close to all the shopping spots we regularly hit, and also the train station. It only takes 5 minutes to drive home from the park and ride lot.

The kids are adjusting nicely. They love playing out back and at the park. The backyard is beautifully landscaped with plenty of room to frolic.

It has been nice not having stairs anymore. The girls are in their own rooms. The 4th bedroom is pretty far away from the others, so for the time being we have Christopher in the living room so we can get to him when he hollers out in the middle of the night because he’s wet.

 Angelique’s parents are no longer coming over every day to help out. Now we see them on occasion only and it’s more of a short visit for them to where they can enjoy them as grandparents. And of course the kids really look forward to seeing them so they can tell them all about how we have treated them *grin*. Anyway, we really appreciate all of their help these past 12+ months while we transitioned to caring for them on our own. Some nights are better than others, but we handle it. On the bad nights (teething x 3…oh my!!!) they usually all end up in bed with us. We both end up with bruises because Christopher and Michaela are fairly violent sleepers, flailing heads and limbs wherever they choose. We generally get them to bed about 1-2 hours later, but I get home around 6pm so it is what it is. We are getting them used to brushing their teeth at night. Their routine has evolved some, but they still have one. Plus we are talking to them all the time, which is fun.

Bath time is a must after visiting the nearby park. They love to play in the sand.  Angelique has been making some nice mom contacts at the park. They are all amazed that she had triplets and can’t imagine what it’s like. But she gets to talk to adults, which is refreshing. The kids at the park are interesting. Some are older and refuse to share, so our kids have had to get a taste of rejection. I bought a bunch of shovels and buckets to “take with” to the park, and we are happy to share with the other kids. Being in constant teaching mode is interesting.  Michaela continues to be a different child out in public. Emma takes off (literally) and Christopher stays close to home unless Michaela ventures off. Interesting dynamic.

Now that it is more manageable with the trio, it’s time to start thinking about modeling for all three. It would give Angelique something to do if she chooses. The agency is in the Bay Area though, so there’s that. Once I submitted an app for all three and the agency wanted to do an interview, so it shouldn’t be a problem when we are ready to pursue that. We will stick the proceeds in their 529 accounts for college. I’ll refrain from making any political puns – LOL!

With Spring here, we will be getting them out more and more, and will continue to be their biggest fans 😊.

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