The latest updates with our three two year olds includes:


  • Challenging us at every turn. Pushes the envelope. Ends up on the most time outs by far 
  • Exhibition of more dominance over her siblings – now she says “Me!” when she takes stuff. Of course we sometimes take it back and give whatever it is to the other two and remind her to share 
  • Has a unique sense of fashion 
  • Has gone piddle in the potty 6 times now
  • Has gone piddle on the floor at least 6 times now
  • Loves to take her clothes (and diaper off)
  • Loves to practice counting to 5 – sounds it out but it doesn’t make much sense yet
  • Babbles a lot more now. Has go to babble salad that she cycles through when she’s taking about something important to her. It sounds like goochie gurtchie girlie 
  • Is the first to greet me at the gate when I get home from work  and tries to obstruct my path when I am leaving for work in the morning 
  • Michaela’s new go to word: Yes (probably to counter our No)
  • Loves singing bingo and especially saying B and I
  • Is highly organized. Likes to put like things in order. Can stack and dismantle and sort items
  • Runs very fast 


  • Is the leader of the word blitz. She’s working the hardest at talking. I will not likely list all of her new words, but they include: now, go, ow, wow, oh my, my, why, bye bye, hi, uh oh, come now, let’s go, baba, cat, bird, plane, okay, no no no, ooooh, whoa, baaaaaaa, woof, quack, clock, meow, moo, nayyyy, up, down, yeah, duck and last but not least, Apple. She is good at mimicking sounds like monkeys, tigers, sheep, dogs and cats 
  • Doesn’t cause trouble like the other two. Hasn’t been put on time out 
  • Is still strategically carving out her play time and one on one time with us while the other two nap
  • Is probably our pickiest eater. We’re not sure what she’s eating at the moment lol
  • Likes to toss clothes around and shoo things she doesn’t want away from her with a stern “No!”
  • Loves to hop in to my lap in the morning and hang out in the glider chair
  • Loves to tumble
  • Loves to repeat movements. She will climb up and over you over and over if you are sitting down somewhere. It never gets old
  • Seems to like sparkly things 
  • Loves animals
  • Likes soft and furry things
  • Seems to like when her hair is styled…not so much what it takes to style it


  • Loves music 
  • Is trying to talk more. He can say a few words like purple, baba, grandpa, shoes, uh oh 
  • Loves tigers and cheetahs and making those growling sounds – gets excited when he sees Sabor the cheetah in Tarzan 
  • Loves to wrestle 
  • Loves to help clean. Sweeping, vacuuming and wiping the floors 
  • Dances when he hears music. His bouncing is his go to move 
  • Features a new bruise every week 
  • Seems to be compassionate. Goes and looks for Michaela’s Binkie and offers to put it in her mouth for her or hand it to her
  • Likes to go get or bring us stuff – usually listens to us when we tell him to come to us or stop doing something…usually
  • Loves to snuggle with his mom to round out the evening 
  • Is the Braun in the equation when Michaela wants to do something bad and usually wants to join in on what she has gotten into
  • Doesn’t like to be separated from his sisters. We found that out one week at the church child care. He likes to see a familiar face 
  • Is busting out of most 2T clothes, especially shirts 

They all

  • Are very social kids – no issues interacting with other kids 
  • Love to play hard
  • Still wake each other up some nights 
  • Are good riding around in the minivan. Thank goodness for that built in DVD system and lots of movies!
  • Are spitting food out or turning their nose up at stuff, except broccoli 
  • Can clap, stomp and high five when asked to. They like praise and like to do well
  • Wear size 8 (CW) and 7 (the girls) shoes 
  • Loved mima’s visit, especially the back rubs at night!

That’s all, folks!


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