On the Phase Train, our kiddos have decided they wanted to stop at the strangest places. Oh, what wonderful things we’ve seen:

Food Stop

  • They all have decided to spit out whatever they are eating in favor of what’s up next that they see we have that they want. I guess this is better than throwing food, but they haven’t yet figured out that all they need to do is finish what’s in their mouth, not rid their pallets of it…haha. Bananas, green beans and bean burritos are the usual victims of this malpractice 
  • While bottles are generally on their way out, there is fierce completion for the first warm one in the morning and evening. Michaela’s whole “I was born first” argument usually doesn’t work. It is usually awarded to whoever gets to the couch and into position first. Sometimes Emma takes the long way and seeks out her favorite spot at the far end of the couch, so she misses out…ha ha!
  • We have reached the picky eater stop. Lots of shaking their heads no 

(Change trains) Sleep Train

  • They usually wake up between 4 and 5am
  • Christopher is too heavy to place in his crib without waking him up (thanks gravity) so a toddler bed reconfig is on the horizon 
  • Michaela has night terrors from time to time
  • Emma sometimes has an in depth conversation with herself in her sleep


  • They can all say “Shoes” now (although Emma seems to say, “where’s my shoes?”). This usually means they want to try them on. They walk over to where they are stored and tug on the cabinet door. Once Emma has them on, she starts going “Oooh! ahhh!”
  • Michaela likes to organize the shoes into matching pairs. It’s her thing.

Giving and Sharing

  • Emma is going through a phase where she wants to bring us anything and everything from around the house. This morning’s offerings included both potties, fully dismantled, a tractor truck, a few pairs of socks and several stuffed animals. I just thank her and chuck it when she’s not looking 🙊
  • Michaela is learning to share more with her siblings. Of course she likes to direct what happens after she shares. This weekend she shared her apple with Emma after relentlessly taunting her with the sheer juiciness and aroma for several minutes
  • Christopher seems to like to feed us. His feelings aren’t hurt when we politely decline 

Tantrums and Time Outs

  • They each throw tantrums from time to time and for different reasons
  • Michaela’s are usually a product of being told No too many times or not getting something she feels she deserves. She revs up the tears and gets going on the floor. She gets put on a time out 2-3 times a day. She has to go sit on the couch for 2 minutes. Interestingly enough she complies, and hops off when we tell her to. For being such an Angel in the NICU, wow! Haha! 😂
  • Emma doesn’t get put on timeouts…yet. Like me she seems content with learning what not to do from her siblings and just making the adjustments. Sometimes she’s inconsolable though – must be the Diva in her. Soon though she will be able to tell us what ails her (or who did what…haha)
  • Christopher seems to melt down when mommy leaves the room. He’s been extra clingy lately likely due to teething. But when she leaves to run an errand I usually just let him cry it out. He’s learning that she’s not always going to come to his rescue. Most times he just passes out. 

Big Hearts

  • When we were at Bodega Bay, there were a few families with kids also at the beach. Michaela saw this one lady was interested in saying hi so she was walked right up to her and gestured to be picked up. The lady absolutely melted. She had a boy, and told her boyfriend that she wanted a girl now and this was a sign. And Michaela was pouring on the cozy affection. They lady couldn’t get they boyfriend quipped that he didn’t want to risk having triplets so he’d take a hard pass…haha!
  • Christopher has warmed up to males wanting to hold him. Usually he’d just cry. But he’s much more social now. 


  • They now like to collectively run in circles around th recliner and chase each other. Michaela seems to be holding back her true speed and acting like she can’t run fast. 

Stripping and Dressing

  • This is mostly Michaela. She seems to like to be in just a diaper and sometimes nothing at all. Super problematic if she’s pooped 💩 
  • Michaela likes to dress herself and the garments usually end up on right, especially shirts. What she chooses to accessorize with is anyone’s guess


  • Christopher can usually be found tugging at his tallywhacker daily from 2-3pm in some part of the house 😊

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