The Cavelets recently came down with RSV. It is highly contagious, and usually strikes most kids before the age of 2. So in that regard, they are 2 years and 3 months now, so it could have been worse for them. Given that they were all born prematurely, we were concerned about how it would impact Emma because she needed assistance breathing in the NICU for the longest of the trio. Sure, enough, it impacted her the worst and resulted in a trip to the Emergency room and ultimately a 2.5 day hospital stay. She also had an ear infection from the cold, so that made her equally miserable.

They were sick the entire month of December, too. They had a runny nose. When one catches something, they all do. We, as the parents, are lucky if we don’t go down as well. Angelique’s immune system was compromised as a result of all of the fertility treatments over the years. Most times I get lucky, but even this one took us both down for a day or two. Fortunately, it was staggered, which allowed for us to care for our kids, but it was rough.

How’d they get it? Child care. We take them to the gym’s child care offering, and there must have been some parent that brought a child in that wasn’t well. And as you know at this age kids put everything in their mouths, so the rest is history. I called the gym up and told them what happened, but illnesses like this are a natural part of being socialized and around more kids. They haven’t been sick often, but when they get sick it takes a lot to get them better. It also throws off everything – sleep, eating/drinking, potty training, you name it.

Emma started to get better once she was home and around her siblings again. I think they thrive off of one another. So for all the bickering they do, their bond is still strong. Emma got a lot of attention while in the hospital. Nurses remarked about her long full eyelashes, and seemed drawn to her – there’s just something about her.

As a courtesy to others, we don’t take them anywhere when they are sick or even recovering – not even Church. It’s the courteous thing to do.

I think for the most part a majority of folks understand why we were so strict when how people visited early on when they were really little. Everyone had to wash their hands no matter how clean they thought they were, and if anyone was sick or thought they were sick they stayed away. So thanks to all those who happily complied – we appreciated it. When preemies get sick, depending on what they come down with, it can be an expensive ordeal. We’re blessed to have great insurance where we don’t worry about any bills. With something like RSV, in adults it just presents itself as a bad cold. Most of the kids in the hospital at the time Emma was there had RSV, and the babies were intubated – tough stuff.

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