🚽 Potty Training 🚽

The Cavelets are off to an early start potty training. So far (typical) the girls are more interested than their brother. Michaela still leads, but it’s getting close with Emma capitalizing off observing her table setting big sister Michaela’s early dominance on the potty.

  • Michaela 29 last: 2/6
  • Emma 22 last: 2/6 (went 2 times on 2/5)
  • Christopher 6 last: 1/14

Michaela has established a good rhythm in the morning where if I don’t piss (no pun intended) her off trying to pick her up and sit her on it she will sit down and go #1 within 30 seconds.

Emma likes to sit there a while and reflect on the good ol’ diaper days before going. Today she decided she wanted to go #2 on the potty as well…and I gagged throughout the disposal process. I gave her a high 5 first, though.

When I ask them if they want to go, the usual response is “No”, although I think they just like telling me no. 

Sometimes during the day it’s a domino effect and the diapers all come off, leaving us scrambling to corral them all and sit them down. Usually it’s a false alarm. We are working on establishing a common potty time. There are all sorts of videos available, and I think I picked one up from Walmart at some point. I also hear they come with some brands of training pants.

Not as many accidents around the house, which is nice. But when they all go potty, it’s high praise. One of the potties plays music after it detects a donation, and Emma shimmies her shoulders and dances while she finishes up. 

Timing has been the biggest challenge with the girls. Michaela’s been holding it most nights, but Emma tends to wait for a dry diaper and then proceeeds with going immediately in it after breakfast. So I’ve been trying to distract her with crayons and such while I sit her on it. I’m even willing to sit them on it with their diaper and strategically take it off after the fact. 

Michaela tends to stand up and run around in catch me if you can mode during the day. First thing in the morning she’s not yet awake. But she’s hard to catch when she’s running around butt naked. And with multiple potties around the common area in the family room, she thinks it’s musical chairs if one is available. 

Anyway, it’s been a fun experience and takes lots of patience. They’ll let us know when they are fully ready. All smart kids, though – they catch on quickly.

Maybe in the springtime Angelique will let them run around out back naked and have the potties out back.