The kiddos are growing at a rapid clip. So many things changing so fast. Too fast, in fact. But that’s what kids do – change quickly. Bottles and binkies are long gone, and they even drink less milk now. Potty training is going well for the girls in the mornings – the girls have it down first thing. The tallies are 98/98/14 respectively, with Christopher still showing little interest. I’ve told myself I’ll stop tracking it for the girls when they reach 100, so that should be Tuesday 🙂

The trio will be 2.5 years old this month! Summer is on the horizon, so we are bracing for another growth spurt, and new shades of mocha as we plan on taking them swimming often. Soon they’ll have careers and will be tax payers like their parents, and will have their own lives and interests.

We are seeing much more imagination, problem solving and feelings. Sometimes I look at them sleeping and realize they are 3 or 4 times as long as they were at birth, especially Christopher. But thanks to Facebook, videos and photos from 1 or 2 years back pop up daily and that allows us to see how much they’ve all changed in such a short time. Michaela reigns supreme on her ABCs numbers 1-10 and colors, and Emma is just a talker and spends all day cycling through her words to describe the world around her. Christopher has his bathtime ritual where he throws EVERY toy in the tub as the water fills it up. He’s obsessed with toy trucks now.

Lots of words flying around now – too many to keep track of, in fact. Even Christopher is in on it, now. But Emma is able to repeat stuff and it’s scary how clear it is. You name it, we’ve got it: picky eaters, throwers, litter bugs, acrobats, thieves, collectors, ha!

They eat a ton now, and will eat hourly if we let them. It’s scary to think how much more they will eat when they are teenagers.

Anyway, enjoy the photos below!



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