The kids are super busy these days. Play dates are the new norm, plus new firsts such as dental appointments and a trip to a nearby lake. The love to be outdoors, and are demanding it more and more. We are outnumbered, so we usually “Cave” and take them out somewhere. Summer time is rapidly approaching, so we’re bracing for a hot one as they march towards their 3rd (yes, THIRD) birthday.

Each week they talk more, and surprise us more. Yesterday morning, I grabbed a purple toothbrush and went to brush Michaela’s teeth, and she REFUSED to open her mouth up, instead grabbing the toothbrush and looking me in the eyes and saying “This is Emma’s!”. Oh snap!!!

Emma has decided babbling is the best way to express herself. She has detailed conversations and is convinced we understand us. All that while randomly repeating big words we use clear as day.

Christopher is catching on and using words now.  He basically has decided if his sisters are saying it he can safely attempt to repeat it.

Lots of fighting these days, with Emma refereeing and saying “That’s not nice”. Michaela and Christopher love to cause mischief.

What’s cool is that they love to help us out with things, especially groceries. When I get home from work, I pass the boxes and bags over the gate and they carry them to Angelique. Sometimes a box is too heavy and they drop it, but hey, free labor!

Good kids, and very smart. Train’s about to stop so I’ll cut this short.



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