!=o Three…Three…Three=o!

Monday thru Friday, I leave the house around 6:40am en route to work. The past month has been great for send-off. Most of the time I get three hugs, three kisses goodbye (at least 5 from Michaela, and she actually asks each time, “Kisses goodbye?”), and three not so little munchkins waving goodbye and blowing kisses, with Christopher giving chase, as I back out of the driveway. Yes, that feels good!

The sponges are eager to apply the fruits of their daily discoveries. This has resulted in new words, behaviors, alliances, likes and dislikes. Now that we know they understand what we’re saying, when they ask for something out of the fridge, we make them go get it, especially Emma. “Milk!”, she demands. We tell her that she knows where it is, and that if she wants some, she can get it herself. She “pretends” to not be able to open the fridge door, saying, “It’s stuck!”. I tell her to try harder. And it doesn’t end there. None of them, though they try, get to drink it wherever they want like the days of old. They have to sit at the table or stay in the kitchen area. We’ve found ancient milk cups previously…ugh! And when they’re done, we tell them to open the door, put it back, and shut it. They assumed early on compliance was optional, but now they realize it’s compulsory 🙂

I still hear from folks all the time that they don’t know how I do it. Well, I don’t. My wife, Angelique does the heavy lifting. I go to work and make the money that fuels the chaos that is our reality…lol! New greys sprout out every day, but it’s more a product of being 38 years old than being a father of triplets. Yes, a lot of things they do are frustrating, but they’re kids and that comes with the territory. We spend extraordinary amounts of time with them (me specifically on the weekends), and it takes creativity to keep them busy. I think the comment I get from folks generally comes from the perspective of having multiple kids potentially, but not all the same age at the same time. Truth be told, I can’t imagine these three spaced out in years. That’d be weird. Each additional child compounds the challenges. Someone is always going to be unhappy about something or feel left out or annoyed. For example, now that Emma’s got a large arsenal of words, she can actually say, “Hold me”. Of course most of the time we do, but sometimes we have to say no for a variety of reasons, and she’s not happy about it. However, it’s healthy for kids to not get everything they want all the time. Now mind you, they get lots of love, but we draw the line with their sneaky attempts to take advantage of situations. We were kids first, you know 😉

Potty training has been an adventure. I’ll just say that I track it still because I look at it as diapers saved. And thanks to Michaela’s efforts, she’s saved us 230 diapers (2 boxes worth) and Emma 183 diapers (1 box and some change) and Christopher 29 diapers. If I tracked how many times he’s gone in the tub his number would be higher but I’m not home usually when they get baths.

They are instant playmates. Michaela and Christopher are maniacs and bicker a lot over toys and whatever else Michaela has laid claim to first. Michaela is well aware she’s the oldest and doesn’t care how much bigger Christopher is than her. And he always stands down…for now. Emma is still content doing her own thing most of the time. I still trace it all back to her time in the isolette in the NICU. She was in the isolette the longest and probably got used to the bubble, but the others are just too much most of the time.

These kids are something else. Those that have had the pleasure of their company can attest to that statement. And each visit is a different experience. Age 3 with these three is going to be a wild ride. Much more talking, opinions, defiance and independence. We’ll be here in to steer them in the right direction every step of the way.

Their latest favorite movies include:

  • Trolls
  • Boxcar Children
  • Moana

New favorite foods:

  • Uncrustables
  • Pickle chips
  • Sliced black olives (we buy 8 cans a week!)
  • String cheese
  • Stonyfield Yogurt pouches
  • Costco apple sauce pouches
  • Polenta
  • Bananas

August should be exciting. My mother (Mima) will be visiting again later in the month. I think this time she’s fully aware that they are completely different kids from the last time she saw them. We’ll let her dive in and get pummeled like the other times as it is unavoidable. Hope she’s got an idea of how she’ll keep her energy up…lol!

The highlights of my workday are when I get a text from Angelique describing something crazy they did or some cute pictures of a funny video. Facebook has been great with the On This Day photos as we’ve seen some great photos from 2 years back or even last year and it’s incredible how much they’ve changed. I look forward to coming home each day. I remember the days when I was home helping look after them for 4 months straight. It totally re-wired my brain, as I wasn’t thinking about work (well not that kind of work). I was in full-time parent mode. I’m glad I had that time with them, though. Years from now we’ll play all the videos that prove that we both were there, and we both were heavily involved. And hopefully, they’ll appreciate all the sacrifices we made to bring them into this world, to make sure they were happy, loved and ready to leave their own stamp on this life.




That’s What I’m Talking About

Now, the kids can better express themselves. As a result, there is less and less of Angelique and I guessing or agreeing with them even though we have no clue what they are talking about. The girls are putting together sentences that make a lot of sense, and Christopher is repeating his favorite words ad nauseum to perfect his craft.

Lots of asking for milk, yogurt and pickles from everyone. Oh yeah, and a bite of whatever we are eating. Lots of shock on our faces as they blurt out a new word they hear on one of their learning shows or describe stuff now with a leading noun – pink diaper (Michaela’s training pants), for example. Yesterday Emma’s arms flew up at her trademark 45 degree angle, and she shocked me when she said “Hold me…” 😮. Working on manners. Emma and Michaela can say Please, and Emma always drags out the word and says “Pleeeeeeeease????”. She hasn’t got the T down with her Thank You, so it comes out as “Hank You”.

Emma has a remarkable ability to repeat a word, and some of them are complex. She has no idea yet what she said, but it’s impressive and she’s been doing that for a while.

The word “No”? Mastered by all 🙊

Emma tends to ask for the things she wants. Love it when she asks for water, by the way.  Michaela’s new found leap in vocabulary has revealed she’s well aware of her inner boss. The other day she was on the potty 🚽 and I was sitting their and had spaced out while I waited. It was dark in the bathroom, and when I tuned in to what she was repeating I realized she was telling me to “Turn on the light!”.  The next day she was telling me to “Close the door!” (for privacy, which she tries to also say).

Yep, age 3 is going to be a real tr3at, times 3 😊



They are a package Deal: Facts are Facts

When we go out places now, the comments we receive aren’t nearly as rude as they were during the first year or so. But here’s a few of the classics from the past few months.

And I thought I had my hands full..

This gem came from a lady with 3 kids (spaced out in age) at the gym yesterday. It produced a hearty laugh from both Angelique and I when she said it. We were trying to open the door to the gym with all our stuff plus the munchkins. The lady was nice enough to hold the door for us as we entered – in fact, she insisted 🙂

So…which ones are the twins?

We concluded this could mean one of two things. People generally think that Christopher is the oldest because he is so much bigger than the girls. They are floored to learn that they are triplets and that he was actually born last. Most people also think that the girls are fraternal twins because I guess there are two girls and usually when we are out they are sitting together because Christopher is so obnoxious. The other possibility is that Emma and Christopher are fraternal twins because they look the most alike; however, folks are puzzled when they see three different complexions, let alone Christopher’s goldie locks 🙂

Are they twins?

Usually when we hear this one we just say “No, they are triplets”. People usually counter with a statement that includes that they have never seen triplets before. I have never seen quads before, so their shock and awe doesn’t bother me. But usually I have this confused look on my face because it’s like folks forget we have 3 kids – it’s like one disappeared or something – LOL

How old are they? Are they close in age?

We let folks know that they’ll all be 3 in October. Most people ask the dreaded followup question, “So they’re twins?”. Who wants to buy me a T-Shirt with the definition of twins and supertwins on it? I’d wear that a lot!

Your husband’s African American, isn’t he?

I’ll let Angelique explain what was running through her head when someone asked her this. When she told me, I chuckled. She could have had a lot of fun with this one.

They’re absolutely adorable!

This just happens to be my favorite comment 🙂

But outside of the the public comments above, what’s new?

  • The megabed experiment has been mostly successful. Two out of 3 sleep in the bed the whole night. Whoever is refusing to go to sleep we have to make other arrangements for
  • Michaela and Emma are talking up a storm. Actual sentences with possessives, adjectives and verbs. Kind of creepy. Family are noticing their progress. Christopher is continuing to build up his vocabulary based on what he hears from the girls. He understands, just prefers (for now) not to talk much. We think he’s just not yet confident with a lot of his words. For example, he can say <color> car. When mom leaves to run an errand or go to the gym. He’ll say “Bye bye, momma” the whole time until she returns. When he wants to, he can follow instructions, so we know he understands. For example, we ask him to put things in the fridge and he does.
  • Christopher is finally embracing potty training some. He’s gone 20 times now. I can’t track how many times he’s gone in the tub. Michaela just surpassed 200 times. I told myself I’d stop after 100. Guess I couldn’t 🙂
  • Generally they are going to be later – napping later too
  • Their new favorite movie is Moana. They have a knack for repeating the best lines from the movie like “Boat snack!” and “And thank you!” (from the You’re Welcome song)
  • Michaela and Emma like to sing along to songs. Yesterday I sung Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes to Emma. She was finishing parts of the song.
  • Michaela’s vocabulary has taken off since we ditched her binkie a few months ago. She loves to tell folks that I’m her daddy. She also likes to point out my possessions (“It’s Daddy’s car. That’s Daddy’s shirt). She knows words that we didn’t know she knew. Surprises us daily. She knows the difference between a helicopter and an airplane.
  • Saturday was their first time out of the shopping carts and roaming around the store. As expected, sometimes they went in 3 different directions. They did good though. They waved at folks, and loaded the shopping cart up with things we had no interest in buying. They are very social kids. They seemed to put a big smile on folks’ faces…nothing wrong with that!
  • They are enjoying swimming at the California Family Fitness pool. Their confidence is growing. Yesterday Christopher enjoyed floating in the water without his feet touching. Eventually they will learn to move their hands and feet and turn around. I see lots of parents shaking their head (or counting out 1, 2, 3) when they see us because they can’t even imagine…which leads me to my final common quote of late:

I can’t even imagine…

Neither could we until we were blessed with the honor of being their parents 🙂