The follow excerpt is from, and our three year olds do most of the bulleted:

3 years old.

• Will experiment with independence. May lead to tantrums.👈🏾

• Will want increased control. May lead to tantrums.👈🏾

• Will become frustrated when disappointed. May lead to tantrums.👈🏾

• May see an increase in tantrums.👈🏾👈🏾👈🏾

• Will flip between wanting to be independent (‘I do it!’, or ‘by myself’) and wanting to be treated like a little person (‘carry me’ or ‘you do it’). 👈🏾

• Will form a special attachment to the word ‘no’ and will practice it often. Even when they might mean ‘yes’. (Ahhhh toddlers! Fortunately, evolution has given them a profound capacity for cuteness while they are sleeping. This is important for those catastrophic events, such as when you miss the notification that sandwiches are now to be served as little triangles, not little squares as was previously deemed acceptable. If this happens, just go with it – you’ll need your energy for when they realise you haven’t bought the toothpaste with Elsa on the tube.)👈🏾

• Might stutter or stammer.

• Will start to assert control over their environment by wanting to plan activities, do things by themselves, try challenging things.👈🏾

• Might keep calling you back when they are put to bed.👈🏾

• Might develop sudden fears and phobias.👈🏾

Note: we’ve dealt with some serious meltdowns over chapstick. These three love to keep their lips moisturized. Exotic flavors as Christmas gifts would be a hit!

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