N3w Beginnings

The kids got a complimentary swim lesson at SwimLabs in El Dorado Hills, CA.

It went so well we enrolled them in a weekly lesson. Gives them something to look forward to during the week as they aren’t in pre-school anymore. Unfortunately they got sick 😷 after their second lesson so they had to skip a lesson. But they are progressing and enjoying their time with the instructor. This is huge because as a child I didn’t know how to swim so I missed out on a lot of water fun and memories growing up. At age 22 I said enough and thought myself, learning to float in a family friend’s jacuzzi and graduating to a pool, where I observed what others were doing and practiced.

Other than that, the kids are really looking forward to Christmas 🎄. Emma keeps asking to go trick or treating, and we remind her that she will have to wait until after her birthday.

The girls have started singing random songs. Some are lullabies from the shows they watch, but Emma seems to just like talking and turning it into a tone-free song.

Christopher has made great strides talking and makes sense when he’s not mumbling. He tends to mumble when he wants something but is too tired or upset to say it clearly. He hasn’t yet figured out how to clearly say words that begin with “St” or “Sp”, so stick is tick and spoon is poon. But immediately after turning 4 he just became a chatter box with an opinion so he will figure it out at some point during his journey through the age of 4.

They usually get up between 4 and 4:30am, and it is nonstop chatter from the time they wake up until they pass out. They each have a lot to say.

They saw Santa Claus at Chik Fil A last Saturday. They had a chance to ask him what they wanted for Christmas. Emma asked for “Presents” 🤷🏾‍♂️

These kids get cuter by the nanosecond.

I just noticed my wife’s title on her Facebook page. When she’s ready to return to work down the road she will make one heck of a manager thanks to all this wonderful experience she’s acquired 😂

This concludes December’s update!