School ends in a few weeks, and it will be summer, with the primary objective of keeping them as busy as possible.

We’ve been revamping the house to create more areas for them to spill out into, pulling teeth, breaking up the constant bickering and making time for them to do homework. During the break they will still be learning as they make their way to first grade.

Emma now does piano lessons and both Michaela and Emma are in gymnastics. Christopher loves to ride his bike so I try and take him places to ride it. He hasn’t gotten his fine motor skills dialed in yet for anything like baseball or soccer. He’s still very clumsy and doesn’t exactly like listening to coaching that comes from Dad so we will wait to see wh where his interests lie. But it appears that, like me, he does some things with his right but apparently likes to throw and kick with his left.

Enjoy the photos.

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