It’s Been A While…Sorry!


I was once able to keep up with blogging and release content at least once a month…not anymore. These kids are evolving faster than I can spell M-I-C-H-A-E-L.

Other than that factoid, I have had a lot going on the past few months. The podcast was consuming large chunks of time building out, and then it became popular, with a few guests per month being the norm. Then there was audiobook narration, which ate up even more time because I did both the narrating and the editing. And most recently I took on a new role in state government, becoming the state’s first Chief Product Officer. This has been taking a lot of mental cycles as it also involved starting over at a new organization with new people, processes and technology for the 7th time in my career – starting over is exhausting!

The beat goes on with the kids, though. They had an amazing summer, have been making great strides in 1st grade, and even more friends. Birthday parties and after school play dates have been the norm. Lots of teeth lost (and counting).

We put our house on the market in August, and are in escrow now with it selling by the end of November. We found another place in Rocklin with more space (we SO needed 3 bathrooms, and I needed a dedicated home office), and we should be moving into it in Early December.

But enough of all of this writing. I’ll sum up the last few months with a few photos.

Soon to be Old Home

New (To Be) Home
A Yard!
5 beds, 3 baths, 2579 sq. ft – space to spill out into!
And a nice size kitchen!

Ok, now for the kids…

Birthday Parties

And our resident General has amassed quite an impressive resume these past 7 years!

Angelique Halley-Cave: Director of Operations, conflict management, maid, chef, maintenance, nurse, landscaper & painter.

More pics!

Fun at Apple Hill
Michaela 1st Grade School Photo
Emma 1st Grade School Photo
Christopher 1st Grade School Photo
Michaela – Gymnastics Photo
Emma – Piano
Christopher loves riding bikes!
Three 7 year olds!

Thanks for reading!