Book Deets (Details)


This update is to report progress on the book.

I am proud of how it turned out. The manuscript is being finalized and I will be approving it shortly. And the cover 😍

I am enjoying the marketing aspect of this. It is a chance to tap in to my creative side, and leverage social media in the process to get the word out. I’m always short on time, so I have to be creative and efficient!

Thanks to all of you who have supported me on this journey. Some have you have been on the train a while, while others have hopped on at stops along the way as we have gotten to know each other. The year 2019 has been all about expanding connections and getting to know people better. I’ve really enjoyed it!

I will continue to create mini presentations highlighting photos of our incredible journey using Adobe Spark. If you have my seen the presentation yet, here it is. I will find the best of the best photos, and tell a story with each one. All of this is a part of the marketing for the book. The book isn’t about making money – it is about telling the story and hopefully shedding light on a very common issue of infertility and giving those still struggling with it hope. Also, it is my hope that the book demonstrates just how deep the rabbit hole 🕳 can go.

Failure, humility and determination all took on new and unexpected meanings over the course of our journey. When you go through something like this, your resolve is tested. You question your purpose and your ability to influence outcomes. Your brain 🧠 gets rewired.


My wife Angelique took the kids to a trial gymnastics 🤸‍♀️ lesson. Michaela was a natural on most of the equipment, especially the balance beam and the rings. I think I will enroll just her and will have that be our standing one on one activity. It is time to have them be even more independent of one another.

We will figure out what to get the other two involved in.

Swim lessons are still in the mix for all three.

We are also gearing up to buy a house this summer.

We have a short family trip coming up in a few weeks. We will be meeting up with other family members in Zephyr Cove in Nevada. It will be the first time the kids leave California, and an opportunity for them to meet some more cousins on my side of the family – there are a few newer family members. Will post photos after that get together happens. Looking forward to it!

Cheers 🥂


School Time

Sorry about the delay between posts – things have been extremely busy as of late on multiple fronts (no pun intended).

The kids were entered into the lottery system for Montessori schoolS, but we never heard back, which means that none of their names came up based on the selection criteria. Their best chance to get in was #4 in the list of about 8 selection criteria. What is cool is that had one child been selected, they would have all gotten in automatically. Oh well, next year.

We had registered them for our Plan B option, which is a school in Granite Bay. We found out this week that they all had been accepted and were enrolled, so Angelique brought them in yesterday for assessment.

Each child was brought back to a room alone with a teacher to have a conversation and to see what they know. Angelique got to talk to one of the teachers afterwards and found out that they just had a conversation with the child to see what colors, numbers and shapes they knew and to gauge their speech skills. One of the teachers that spoke with the kids asked if they had ever been to speech therapy. Angelique assumed that the teacher had spoken with Christopher, so she went on to explain that he only started talking regularly when he turned 4 and that while he struggles with certain sounds and words he is catching up quickly.

It turns out that the teacher that asked her that question hasn’t met Christopher, she met one of the girls instead, and if she met Emma she was probably floored that Emma speaks so well. Every words is clearly pronounced and her sentences are complete and well thought out. Then again she has been talking the longest and has the largest vocabulary.

In any case, until school starts the rest of the summer will be dedicated to more learning to prepare them for this transitional kindergarten adventure they will soon embark on. Being born in October, transitional kindergarten was the best option for them. Angelique also asked if they could be kept together. Christopher still needs to see a familiar face, so this should help. Plus one of our neighbors have a 4 year old daughter that the kids are playmates with that will also be attending that school.

I can’t believe they are about to go to school – time is flying! Angelique is ready for a break I’m sure, as they will be in school all day. This will be a test of how strong their bond has become. They are around each other all day and their are certainly alliances, but they will have to look out for one another as there will be new dynamics they will have to content with, and new feelings to navigate based on new experiences.

The kids are very social and make friends easily, so that is good.

Birthdays and Mother’s Day

On Sunday, we got together with family at Grandma and Grandpa’s to celebrate my 40th birthday, along with Mother’s Day and Angelique’s 44th birthday.

The kids are very proud when they trace their own names. It’s so cute.

Last but not least, Michaela has developed a legendary sense of fashion. In the pic below she is actually wearing her mommy’s pants, but somehow pulled it off as a new fashion statement. She could probably walk into high school wearing a Glad bag and nobody would say anything – in fact they might copy her and a new fad would be born!


Four Years, 6 Months In…

We are 4 years and 6 months into this parents of multiples adventure, and things have settled down in terms of the novelty of triplets – that has worn off. Most folks that ask these days still can’t imagine, but people can tell that the kids are a package deal. Most onlookers assume that Christopher is the oldest because he is so much bigger than the girls, but they assume that the girls are twins because they are just about the same size and favor one another at times.

The one thing that has been consistent is that they just keep getting cuter and cuter.

General Updates


Miss Michaela is a ridiculously fast runner 🏃‍♀️. She has a really compact stride and just gets everything moving in a hurry. She is also very flexible and is always stretching. Gymnastics might be in her future at some point. She has a Marylou Retton build for those of you who remember the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. Still bossing the other two around at every turn. Apparently she wants to be the lead singer 🎤 of the band!


Emma is all about precision and focus. When she is tracing letters or shapes, she takes her time and stays close to the lines. When she is cutting paper with scissors ✂️, she turns everything else out and is completely focused on the task at hand. She is a perfectionist of sorts. I dusted off my guitar 🎸 recently and she was enamored with it so I bought her one.

And Emma is doing outstanding in her swimming 🏊🏽‍♀️ lessons. Just this week she practiced floating on her back and also went underwater and touched the bottom of the pool. She is in her own lesson free of the other two and this works great for her because she doesn’t have to compete with the other two. Emma will most likely be the first to swim we are thinking. She really takes it seriously and talks about it all the time.


Christopher is still discovering what he likes. He’s around his sisters a lot so I have been taking them all on excursions with just the two of us so they have their one on one time. He likes to throw balls but hasn’t figured out the technique yet. Interestingly enough though he does some things with his left like throw and kick and everything else with his right, just like me. Michaela is completely left handed but he is a bit of both like me. I’m not sure what sport he will take to but he is our late bloomer and has generally been the last two do everything.

The kids also really enjoy going to visit grandma and grandpa

That’s all, folks!

Package D3al

We are rapidly approaching my favorite season: SPRING

Our trio spend huge lumps of time around each other. They are basically in each other’s faces all day long 7 days a week. This means that they are used to seeing one another, but can (and usually do) often encroach on each other’s personal space.

Michaela is the queen of commandeering. Whatever someone else has, at some point she decides she wants and begins obsessing over it and can throw a fit if she doesn’t get it from them. Funny how a toy can be forgotten about for months, but when one of the other two discover it and play with it she suddenly wants it. Classic sibling rivalry. Now, when they have these breaks from one another they usually ask where the missing sibling is and are always happy to be reunited.

Emma really cherishes her personal space. She has always been perfectly fine playing by herself or being alone in another room while the other two play. I think she likes the break from Michaela and Christopher. They are a handful as they are very playful and can be relentless in their pursuit of mischief and therefore quite annoying.

The weather was horrible for a long stretch with rainy and cool days dominating the recent weeks, so it was challenging keeping the trio entertained as being outdoors was rarely an option.

They have swim lessons once a week and that had been going great. They are getting more confident in the water. Michaela and Christopher are in the same group and Emma is in a different group. It works out better and staves off the competitive dynamics that dominated the landscape when we had them in the same group…for one lesson 😂

Age 4 has certainly been challenging. There is a fierce competition for our attention, and it is getting more and more difficult to divide equally as now that they can talk and express themselves we understand better how the feel. For example, the last few weeks I have been doing extensive one on one time with each child. They absolutely love spending the day with just me and them. They don’t have to compete for my attention, and are free to pursue their personal interests. However, it is still competitive as the others don’t quite understand why they can’t go too. I hear a lot of “It’s my turn!” and “I’m next, I’m older!” (😂😂😂). Sometimes I have to turn around and take the next child somewhere just to stave off the epic meltdowns. I have even heard them deny that it was their turn the last time and be dead serious about it! The challenges parents of multiples face are definitely unique, but I absolutely cherish our reality!

I’ve noticed that the kids are completely different people when they are away from each other. Michaela is much more talkative about her surroundings and she is very interested in showing me off to the world as her daddy. Emma mostly relishes being free of her siblings and likes to plan out what we will do when it is “just us”.

Christopher is very reserved and doesn’t say much on the ride to wherever we go but enjoys playing at parks and exploring new things and places.

The last two times we have gone out we have explored new places to buy Filipino food. He likes pan de sal and pancit ☺️

They love riding around in the electric car too. Part of the one on one day routine is to go charge the car and hang out at The Fountains ⛲️ in Roseville while the car charges. We have been packing boxes 📦 in preparation for a possible summer move and I’ve rented a storage unit, so we have been making weekend runs to the storage unit to store the boxes. I take one child when I go and they help load and unload the car. They insist on stacking the boxes themselves, and I give them the light boxes not marked FRAGILE.

We also recently did two tours of Montessori schools and entered them into the lottery for acceptance. There are a few priority criteria they have to move through to get selected, but fortunately for us, if one child gets in, all the siblings get in too ☺️. Any way we shake it, we consume 3 spots. They will be in Transitional Kindergarten due to the fact that they have October birthdays and will be 5 then. We’ve learned that there are 29 available spots for TK. Fingers crossed that they get in as we really feel they will really thrive under the Montessori framework. We also submitted paperwork to enroll them in a nearby TK school as a plan B. My wife is due for a break – they are really a handful! 🤭

I truly enjoy the time with them. And I’ve seen some sad things this week that prove you never really know how much time you have with someone. A few months ago I saw a post of a proud triplet mom who had posted a picture of her 26 year old triplets together again. Two of the siblings were fitness fanatics and posed in the photo flexing their muscles. The ones that were flexing were brother and sister – the siblings were comprised of two boys and one girl.

Yesterday in the Triplets Facebook group, the mom had posted the same pic her trio, but was letting the community know that her daughter had passed away last Sunday. I was shocked 😮. She was so beautiful and they all seemed so happy. I wondered what had happened. She had only said that she (26) and her 21 year old cousin had been killed in a tragic accident. I poured through the comments but still no details. For some reason I felt compelled to do a Google search. I really wish I hadn’t done that 😕. The search revealed that the deaths were being investigated as a murder-suicide. Her 21 year old cousin was an police officer. It appears he killed her and then took his own life. Nobody knows why, but at a parent, this type of news must be absolutely devastating. You don’t want to outlive your own children. Her pain must be unimaginable.

Hug your children and tell them that you love them often. And if they are older and you haven’t talked to them in a while, call them – we truly never know what this life has in store for us. 😞

Busy Little Beavers

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so I figured I would surface and drop a few lines and photos.

The kids are busy little beavers. Swim lessons, playing hard, you name it and they are in to it 🤭. They are a handful for sure and can quickly deplete your day energy – it is exhausting keeping them entertained!

So here are some cute pics:

You can see from this photo Michaela is the keeper of her siblings ☺️
This is not our puppy. Three kids is enough! 😂

Yep, the sass is real! 🤷🏾‍♂️

Four is a very challenging age. There is a lot more behavior correcting from us and challenging from them. It is a delicate balancing act because it is three different individuals. Michaela and Christopher tend to work together to wreak havoc, but Emma brings her own brand of drama. I find myself having to say No a lot more but also explaining why.

The kids are very social. They hug folks in all kinds of situations and it catches the folks off guard yet is adorable. For example, I took the girls to Pearl House for dinner with family and there were people coming in to pick up to go orders and the girls walked up and just hugged them…haha. I’ve yet to see anyone refuse them ☺️

I’m trying to do more one on one time with them. They really enjoy it and they are completely different kids when solo. I’ve taken Emma to do things and she acts like an only child. Christopher doesn’t say a whole lot but seems to like the freedom. Michaela loves having me all to herself. Usually she tells strangers that I’m her daddy.

Which reminds me – the other day I heard from someone that their school is canceling Daddy/Daughter dances because it’s not fair to the kids that don’t have daddies 🤷🏾‍♂️. I actually am looking forward to those as I’ll have to do them twice each time. I was disappointed to her that a school did that but hey, these are interesting times, aren’t they?

Ok one last cute pic ☺️

The suspenders were broken on the first day 🤦🏾‍♂️

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Sorry for the delayed post, but things have been a tad hectic. For starters, the kids started the year off with a cold. Emma got it first, then she gave it to Michaela, and despite our best efforts to keep him quarantined and in a mask, Christopher got it last as he cannot stay away from his sisters. Then they gave it to my wife, which is standard protocol.

2018 was polished off with a visit from my sister and niece. It was good to see them both, and the kids enjoyed heir visit. And Auntie Mo got them these unique and awesome shirts. A lot of the triplet parents get their kids the standard Thing 1, Thing 2, and Thing 3 shirts. The Cavelets turned it up a notch and took the triplet novelty to a whole new level!

Other than that, the book 📖 I wrote a while ago and had less and less time to polish off as they got older and my free time evaporated should be released in 2019. It is a great book because it chronicles our journey to having triplets and everything that went into it, which was a lot of blood, sweat and tears. As you know I love to write, but in this book I over unique insights into the word of infertility from a husband’s point of view. I touch on a variety of different topics. I wrote the entire book from the heart. Stay tuned for more details on our Triple Blessing!

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, where the cutest of the cute pics are usually posted:

And now I will end this update with some more cute pics:

In blogidarity (blogging solidarity),


N3w Beginnings

The kids got a complimentary swim lesson at SwimLabs in El Dorado Hills, CA.

It went so well we enrolled them in a weekly lesson. Gives them something to look forward to during the week as they aren’t in pre-school anymore. Unfortunately they got sick 😷 after their second lesson so they had to skip a lesson. But they are progressing and enjoying their time with the instructor. This is huge because as a child I didn’t know how to swim so I missed out on a lot of water fun and memories growing up. At age 22 I said enough and thought myself, learning to float in a family friend’s jacuzzi and graduating to a pool, where I observed what others were doing and practiced.

Other than that, the kids are really looking forward to Christmas 🎄. Emma keeps asking to go trick or treating, and we remind her that she will have to wait until after her birthday.

The girls have started singing random songs. Some are lullabies from the shows they watch, but Emma seems to just like talking and turning it into a tone-free song.

Christopher has made great strides talking and makes sense when he’s not mumbling. He tends to mumble when he wants something but is too tired or upset to say it clearly. He hasn’t yet figured out how to clearly say words that begin with “St” or “Sp”, so stick is tick and spoon is poon. But immediately after turning 4 he just became a chatter box with an opinion so he will figure it out at some point during his journey through the age of 4.

They usually get up between 4 and 4:30am, and it is nonstop chatter from the time they wake up until they pass out. They each have a lot to say.

They saw Santa Claus at Chik Fil A last Saturday. They had a chance to ask him what they wanted for Christmas. Emma asked for “Presents” 🤷🏾‍♂️

These kids get cuter by the nanosecond.

I just noticed my wife’s title on her Facebook page. When she’s ready to return to work down the road she will make one heck of a manager thanks to all this wonderful experience she’s acquired 😂

This concludes December’s update!


Picking Up Steam

These three are growing up fast and picking up steam with each passing day! New words, new energy, and new things to debate amongst themselves in English now and not triplet babble 😂

They start talking from the moment they wake up and don’t stop 🛑 until they pass out for the evening. It’s amazing. The other day, Emma woke up and immediately wagged her finger in my face and told me “Ghosts don’t have ears 👂🏾” 😲😂. Christopher woke up one day and told me, “Daddy, it’s dark. The sun is still sleeping”.

And of course I can’t leave out Michaela. She insists on refuting whatever someone says so that she appears right 😁

Oh boy, age 4 is going to be a doozie! 😂😂😂

Four! 🏌🏾

The Cavelets are now 4 years old. Age 3 was brutal and 4 is shaping up to be more of the same. They had a wonderful birthday party with a great turnout of family and friends.

They cleaned house on gifts and when Halloween 🎃 👻 rolled around, they raked in a ridiculous amount of candy. Our next door neighbor is funny – she warned us: “I’m sorry, but your kids are going to get a lot from us!” 😂

We pulled them out of the pre-school as the amount of time they were sick 😷, which was often, didn’t justify the expense, which was $19 (non-refundable) a day per child Monday, Wednesday and Friday depending on how many days of the week there were in the month. They did very well during their time in the program. We will work something else out. They are ready for kindergarten and very socialized already, but when they get sick it is guaranteed to be 3 times the sickness and then it is usually unique for each of them based on their time in the NICU – it’s easy to forget they were preemies and started out life with immature lungs.

So I’m sure that age 4 will be filled with new adventures and more milestones checked off as they march towards age 5. They love to draw, paint and color.

They also had the distinct honor of attending their first NICU reunion. Emma got to see the nurse that cared for her all those weeks, so that was special.

Field Trip to the Pumpkin 🎃 Patch

On Friday, October 12th, the kids had a field trip to a local pumpkin patch and they had a blast.

Below are the best of the best pics:

Other than that, the kids will be 4 on October 23rd and are progressing nicely. Chatterboxes to the extreme – love it! Thriving in pre-school, as well. Couldn’t be happier with their progress. And best of all, Angelique has 2.5 hours of freedom 3 days a week (most weeks)!