February Updates

February’s updates will be quick and dirty and mostly fun pictures of their adventures and exploits these past few weeks. Growing like weeks and they’ve learned a lot in school!

Barring another fluke injury out of Christopher, Emma will be the first to lose a tooth 🦷


It’s another year in the books for the Cave Family. The kids continue to evolve at a rapid pace and we continue to try and keep up. Feels like treading water at times but maybe it’s because there are three of them.


Michaela has been doing what she does best – leading the charge. She’s a bundle of energy and is really determined to figure things out. She really likes to practice what she learns in school. You can find her sounding each letter out early in the morning while she practices writing. She also likes to draw. She is very popular at school and is the resident chatterbox at home. Talks from the time she wakes up until she passes out for the evening.


Emma has been mixing it up more and more with her siblings. She likes to play pretend with Christopher and Michaela and loves to lecture them. We are deep in to the tattling phase right now. Emma loves to tell on the other two. They manage to work out the dynamics between the three of them. Emma and Christopher are in the same class at school and look out for each other. Emma takes advantage of Christopher’s kindness and has him do things for her at school. We found that out in the progress report for the teacher 🀭


Christopher is a very thoughtful boy. He happily brings his sisters whatever he grabs, whether it be something from the kitchen or their girls’ toothbrushes when it is time to brush teeth. He likes to like things up in order and is detail oriented. His latest thing is that he is now afraid of the dark – typical 5 year old for you. He had his first play date with another boy from recently and he really enjoyed it – boys play different.

They miss school. They have been asking why it is taking so long to go back. Fortunately they return to school tomorrow after the holiday break.



November and December Updates

November was pretty busy.

They are enjoying school, making a lot of friends, and attending various birthday parties. The holiday season is upon us, and it is time for Christmas preparations. Our tree goes up right after Halloween, but that is usually because it is tough to find time otherwise.

The kids have been sick most of the month, but in between all of that I managed to get some cute pictures of them. They continue to blossom and get cuter and cuter by the day.

October Updates

The kids are settling into their school routine. I have had a few opportunities to take them to school and it is very cool to see Emma and Christopher, who are in the same class, say goodbye to us in the morning and meet up with their classmates. They are getting used to the routine and structure. They are learning a lot on school. Michaela can spell her name and sounds out each letter of the alphabet when tracing the letters. They have also quickly made a few networks of friends and routinely rattle off new names of friends each day. They are starting to go on after school play dates.

They also just turned FIVE years old! Can’t believe it has been 5 years already.

The requests for play dates after school is totally new for us. As is the mass blasts to the entire class or birthday party invites. Given that that Michaela is in a separate class, we have decided to not let them go to parties that only one child was invited to – that will have to happen eventually but not now. We can defer navigating the feelings of disappointment that are sure to follow until Kindergarten.

Emma has been making a lot of progress with words and can draw her name. She loves to learn.

The kids love their new neighborhood. They love going out and exploring and saying hi to new people. Catches everyone off guard!


We’ve Been Busy!

To say we’ve been busy is a bit of an understatement. So many changes! For example:



The kids have been enjoying school. Michaela is in her own class, the Honeybees, while Emma and Christoper are in the same Sea Turtles class. They enjoy (and we think prefer) the hot lunches.

We Moved

We moved from Granite Bay to Rocklin. The move took 8.5 hours and 2 runs for the movers. The kids stayed at their grandparents’ for 3 days while we got situated. They got spoiled…haha! But that was the first time that they spent a night away from both their parents. The key was letting them fall asleep and not waking them up to collect them and take them home. Moving sucks. So much stuff and what seems like not enough time. Plus it was really hot the day we moved.

Book Launch

hard cover - tb

My Book was released on August 27th and that has been a fun experience. The eBook launched on September 17th and is in being widely distributed. I am getting a lot of requests for author signed copies, which is wonderful. It will take some time for our story to get out there, but there is no book out there like it – all it will take is the right opportunity for the book to catch on and go viral. Who doesn’t like seeing cute kids on the cover?

Settling In

We had a lot of stuff having had at one point a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom house, so it has been a process to scale down into a smaller home. We’ve sold some stuff that doesn’t quite fit or look right in this home, and have also re-introduced items that work better with this floor plan. As a result, it is really starting to feel like home.

The kids have their own bedrooms, and, miraculously, have been sleeping in them most of the night by themselves. Lately we are noticing that they are getting up and going to sleep with a sibling. Michaela has been leading the way in this arena, invading both Emma and Christopher’s space. Both have commented on it. It’s been going well though. Emma really likes having her own room she keeps it clean and doesn’t exactly like the others in her space. We’re working on helping her be more accommodating.

So, yeah, we’ve been a little busy!



Book Release!

The Book, Triple Blessing, A Father’s Story of Infertility, Hope and Love, was released on August 27th, 2019.


The book is available on Amazon and can be purchased at this link.

Signed by the author book plates are available by registering your name and mailing address here.

tripleblessing book - author bookplate

Below is a photo of me with the book. Purely coincidental that my tie colors matched my book!


Don’t forget to pick up your copy! It’s being distributed worldwide!

And a special Thank You goes to my wife Angelique, whose extraordinary efforts helped bring these beautiful children into our world!




Michael Cave

Author – Triple Blessing



Been Busy!

Greetings –

It was a very busy month of July. A majority of the time was spent making sure everything continued to progress with the new house in Rocklin like getting into escrow, checking off the various milestones like inspection, a TON of paperwork, and annoying loan stuff. In between all of that, the kids somehow managed to grow more and get even cuter:

And the kids all checked off a major milestone on the same day, with Christopher being the first to do something before the other two for the first time like EVER: riding bikes 🚲 without training wheels!

August is proving that it will be a month of new beginnings. There are a variety of changes on the horizon. The kids start transitional kindergarten this month, and we are trying to get them switched from the school they are enrolled in right here in Granite Bay to one in Rocklin. And obviously we will be moving at the end of the month once escrow closes. Angelique has taken on trying to deep clean our current home 🏑 as she goes. Somehow she is doing this and packing along the way with 3 very demanding chicklets 🐣 chirping at her heels all day long. How she is not completely mad by now is beyond me – perhaps she sees the light at the end of the tunnel and can sense that she will have a moment to exhale once they are in school for most of the day.

Swim lessons have concluded at SwimLabs so we will be taking opportunities to work with the kids one on one at the CalFit gym pool (it is a 2 minute drive from our soon to be new home) to build confidence.

The greatest challenge lately has been dividing our attention between the 3. They all want me to sit next to them at the same time (that’s impossible), watch them play on their tablet, play with them, etc. It is tough to tell them that they have to take turns but it has to be done. So yes we set timers ⏲ for stuff like this. The challenges parents of multiples face are definitely unique, that’s for sure! Even one on one days have gotten complicated. They fight over whose turn it is to spend the day with just me, and even fight over who gets to open (and close) the garage each morning when I leave for work. It’s wild!

And my book, Triple Blessing is still on track to be released at the end of September. Front and back cover are being finalized and just waiting to review round 2 of the interior layout.

I bought a children’s book from this the person that recommended the author services company I am using:

It is a children’s book about triplets. The author is a mother of triplets herself. And her first name is spelled exactly the same way as my daughter’s! Now that’s what I call a sign. Our paths were meant to cross in the Triplets Facebook group, which produced the recommendation I acted on and jumpstarts the process to publish my own book.

It will most certainly be an action-packed August!



The Latest Personality Profiles


I have always enjoyed studying people, so I figured I would turn the lens at our kids and share my assessment of their current personalities:


Michaela is a real firecracker 🧨. Very, very talkative, inquisitive and has a big imagination. She usually wakes up talking and it is a play by play of whatever is cooking in her head, whether it makes sense or not. She believes that she is the center of the universe, and is very dominant around her siblings. She is very social around other kids, often introducing herself and just jumping right in to the mix, especially with older kids. She is very strong willed and tends to be comfortable trying to repeat her demands to see if she can get her way. She loves one on one time and showing off her parents. She tends to obsess over things like specific toys or something she wants to do – she is relentless to boot.


Emma is very sensitive and usually spends a majority of the day cycling through a variety of emotions and whining about whatever is most convenient πŸ˜‚. She tries to maximize her space between her siblings. She does not like it when they touch her. She still chooses carefully when she mixes it up with them, and it is usually at the worst times like when it is time to wind down for the evening. Emma loves to engage in very well thought out conversations and is very serious when she is talking, approaching every response with purpose and nodding her head with confidence. People that talk with her are always amazed with how clearly she speaks. Emma is our resident drama queen. She is very particular about how she likes things, especially food and drink. For example, she only likes her waffles with butter and no syrup and they can’t be toasted too much πŸ˜‚. Gonna be hilarious when we let her order from restaurants πŸ˜‚. She also only likes plain water with no lemon in it. Crumbs on the couch hurt Emma, as well as the breeze in the outdoors πŸ˜‚. She also doesn’t like loud noises – actually none of them do, and this is probably a product of their time in the NICU. She loves to tell us how she feels, especially when she’s tired. She is often the first to pass out each night. She has a very sensitive sense of smell, and is always questioning various smells. Emma is very honest but also is a terrible liar, often blaming others for mischief she clearly brewed up. Let’s just say she is comfortable in her own skin πŸ˜ŠπŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ


Christopher’s first pediatric assessment indicated that he was a very shy and timid boy who was very attached to his mother. Four years and 9 months later and this is still very much the case. Christopher is very shy and usually doesn’t introduce himself and often blushes when asked to. On the 4th of July I took him to buy fireworks πŸŽ‡ and afterwards we went to Target to buy him a toy and he blushed when I took the photo of him. He purses up his lips and smiles when he is acting shy.

Christopher loves building things and lining things up in an orderly fashion.

He is also really good at solving puzzles on his tablet, especially timed challenges. He loves one on one time with me and generally doesn’t say much when we are out and about. I think he is left handed like me but he does some things with his right hand like me. He’s not showing any signs at this time that he is very athletic. He is still very clumsy and his motor skills are catching up to the girls. As they say, though, girls tend to advance faster than boys.


Together, they are quite a handful. Three different versions of demands starting from when they wake up until when they start passing out in the evening. The ever present ability to work in threes to get their way. Instant playmates with an unbreakable bond. Very social kids that make new friends easily. Michaela and Christopher are pretty close and tend to get in trouble the most. You can see their closeness in the pictures too. But Michaela is clearly the heart and soul of the combo:

And of course the kids love their visits from Grandma and Grandpa