Christopher continues to inch upward, and Saturday night he leveraged his newfound height and reached (with ease) on to the counter and tugged on the cloth mat the coffee pot was on until the coffee pot came crashing down. You guessed it, the coffee pot BROKE, and Angelique SCREAMED, which caused Christopher to SCREAM and the girls to SYMPATHY SCREAM.

Their curiousity continues to grow…

When I come home from work, the house is usually destroyed, but with triplets that’s par for the course. Most days we don’t even bother to clean up after them. We will  have them do it when the time comes.

We are planning a trip to the zoo soon. They will love it. Emma is the talker of the group, and I look forward to hearing what words she dreams up.

Let the naps on Daddy continue!


Play Hard Or Go Home!

Bumps, bruises and scrapes here and there are the topic du jour for the Cavelets. They absolutely love it outside, and take full advantage of the opportunity to play outdoors and go all out in our backyard.

They love to play in the water and enjoy tossing balls around. Their uniqueness shines through with each passing day. Their exposure to the sun is resulting in darker skin tones, each a shade different but gorgeous.

Michaela and Christopher play the hardest together, but Emma is now getting in on more and more of the fun. She’s selective about it, though. We are still working on getting Christopher to be gentle with his sisters. He’s so strong and doesn’t know just how strong he is.

We are seeing more and more tantrums out of all of them. It is mostly when they are tired, but also appears when they fight over toys and when it’s time to brush teeth.

Grandma and Grandpa have visiting days on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The kids love to see them. 

Our nanny Mariana is in town for a while and has paid us a few visits. Emma took full advantage:

That’s all for now 🙂



Stronger Together

The Cavelets can:

  • Sleep through the night – they start getting up close to 6am now
  • Play hard indoors and outdoors
  • Collectively destroy stuff (mostly Michaela and Christopher leading this effort), especially books
  • Wake each other up at night with ease and purpose
  • Run now


  • Is still bossy. Takes what she wants from the other two
  • Usually attempts to take off her nighttime pajamas before bed time
  • Loves to attempt to dress herself and has a unique sense of fashion.
  • Has taken up stealing her siblings’ bottles when they still have 1 oz to go, apparently just because
  • Pushes the limits more than the other two
  • Has super refined concentration skills. She usually doesn’t give up until she’s accomplished what she’s set out to do.
  • Is a quick learner
  • Doesn’t let just anyone pick her up
  • Has the most teeth so far. Lots of molars, too
  • Has an evil laugh after she’s has mastered a new skill
  • Can say Mum, yaya, baba, dada, ooooh, uh oh and hi
  • Loves to give you items around the house. Hopefully a sign she will be generous
  • Hates her teeth being brushed
  • Loves Cheetos
  • Can sleep 4 hours during a nap if the stars align
  • Loves to climb
  • Knows when a binkie is nearby by sound


  • Still wakes up around midnight for no reason
  • Isn’t picky about who can pick her up
  • Has almost as many teeth as Michaela
  • Babbles constantly, especially in the morning when she wakes up
  • Has hair that goes down to her shoulders when curls are combed out
  • Has a super ticklish neck
  • Loves to try and repeat words
  • Makes the best attempt to string words together. Makes a great attempt at: kitty cat, ball, bottle, shimmy, hey baby, gummy, gimmie, bubble, neener, swish, tisk and good. Says mama, dada with ease
  • Wags her finger at us when lecturing us in frustration
  • Loves green peas (what’s up with that?)
  • Tends to be a picky eater at times
  • Still loves pizza sauce
  • Still times her naps to where she stays up after the other two pass out so she can have all the toys (and attention) to herself
  • Is the most reserved of the trio. Doesn’t cause trouble
  • Can throw an epic tantrum when she’s overly tired or annoyed with the other two
  • Loves it when the other two chase her around
  • Plays the victim well
  • Is the fearless explorer of the bunch. She will take off in public
  • Responds to her name
  • Hates having her teeth brushed and hair styled


  • Loves to pester his sisters
  • Can climb out of the “timeout” pack and play
  • Bruises easily
  • Is tall enough to reach on to counters and pull items off
  • Doesn’t like strangers, especially male ones
  • Loves to push things around the house
  • Is very active when he is winding down, kicking and burying his head in to things but soon after passes out
  • Will walk to his spot on the bean bag and take his bottle
  • Can say: mum, up, dada, baba and shakes his head “no” when he doesn’t want something
  • Loves to toss objects over the baby gate
  • Can kick balls and throw them
  • Doesn’t like to be left alone
  • Loves it outside  – will run when he realizes it’s time to come in
  • Usually requires a nighttime diaper change