The Spong3s continue their talkathon. Every day someone is blurting out a new word of sentence and catching us off guard. Michaela and Emma even talk in their sleep sometimes – they get that from me…haha

They get a heavy dose of alphabet songs throughout the day, and they are starting to understand that letters make words and words allow for better interaction. They also get numbers, colors and shapes throughout the day. Yesterday evening Michaela had a book in her hand with the first few letters of the alphabet on it and she was pointing to the letters and sounding them out. To make sure I wasn’t dreaming, 

I asked her to point to specific letters and she did. The same is true of numbers. 

Emma has a knack for big words and more structured sentences. She’s been practicing the most and has always had the most interest in talking. She repeats a word over and over and over and over and over and over and…you get the idea!

Emma loves holding things in her hand

Christopher also blurts out new words following his sisters’ leads. Yesterday I caught them all having a strange conversation. It seems like they were working out amongst themselves what they were going to play with in another room. There was tone, confirmation, a request for clarity, frustration, you name it. Creepy!

Christopher weathering Michaela’s binkie withdrawal day

We even catch them singing sometimes. They know some of the words to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and then main jingle on Frozen. 

We are certain they understand us. If they are misbehaving and it needs to stop, all it takes is the right tone to get their attention. That worked for me when I was growing up. 

It will be weird when they are talking in completely coherent sentences. But they don’t stay little forever. 

They are really good kids. They integrate well with other kids and this should make for interesting dynamics when they are in school. They’ll each have their own circle of friends, and everything that comes with that. Their personalities are really different so we look forward to seeing what types of friends they will each have. Michaela isn’t really bossy with other kids. Emma commands a great deal of “awe she’s so cute!” attention when out and about and Christopher is still shy until it’s time to play hard. 

She came to my awards reception the other day and people were surprised how big he was. They thought he was three and were floored when they found out he was born last – although when you come out doesn’t correlate to how big you will be. 

Michaela (The Boss)

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