When we go out places now, the comments we receive aren’t nearly as rude as they were during the first year or so. But here’s a few of the classics from the past few months.

And I thought I had my hands full..

This gem came from a lady with 3 kids (spaced out in age) at the gym yesterday. It produced a hearty laugh from both Angelique and I when she said it. We were trying to open the door to the gym with all our stuff plus the munchkins. The lady was nice enough to hold the door for us as we entered – in fact, she insisted πŸ™‚

So…which ones are the twins?

We concluded this could mean one of two things. People generally think that Christopher is the oldest because he is so much bigger than the girls. They are floored to learn that they are triplets and that he was actually born last. Most people also think that the girls are fraternal twins because I guess there are two girls and usually when we are out they are sitting together because Christopher is so obnoxious. The other possibility is that Emma and Christopher are fraternal twins because they look the most alike; however, folks are puzzled when they see three different complexions, let alone Christopher’s goldie locks πŸ™‚

Are they twins?

Usually when we hear this one we just say “No, they are triplets”. People usually counter with a statement that includes that they have never seen triplets before. I have never seen quads before, so their shock and awe doesn’t bother me. But usually I have this confused look on my face because it’s like folks forget we have 3 kids – it’s like one disappeared or something – LOL

How old are they? Are they close in age?

We let folks know that they’ll all be 3 in October. Most people ask the dreaded followup question, “So they’re twins?”. Who wants to buy me a T-Shirt with the definition of twins and supertwins on it? I’d wear that a lot!

Your husband’s African American, isn’t he?

I’ll let Angelique explain what was running through her head when someone asked her this. When she told me, I chuckled. She could have had a lot of fun with this one.

They’re absolutely adorable!

This just happens to be my favorite comment πŸ™‚

But outside of the the public comments above, what’s new?

  • The megabed experiment has been mostly successful. Two out of 3 sleep in the bed the whole night. Whoever is refusing to go to sleep we have to make other arrangements for
  • Michaela and Emma are talking up a storm. Actual sentences with possessives, adjectives and verbs. Kind of creepy. Family are noticing their progress. Christopher is continuing to build up his vocabulary based on what he hears from the girls. He understands, just prefers (for now) not to talk much. We think he’s just not yet confident with a lot of his words. For example, he can say <color> car. When mom leaves to run an errand or go to the gym. He’ll say “Bye bye, momma” the whole time until she returns. When he wants to, he can follow instructions, so we know he understands. For example, we ask him to put things in the fridge and he does.
  • Christopher is finally embracing potty training some. He’s gone 20 times now. I can’t track how many times he’s gone in the tub. Michaela just surpassed 200 times. I told myself I’d stop after 100. Guess I couldn’t πŸ™‚
  • Generally they are going to be later – napping later too
  • Their new favorite movie is Moana. They have a knack for repeating the best lines from the movie like “Boat snack!” and “And thank you!” (from the You’re Welcome song)
  • Michaela and Emma like to sing along to songs. Yesterday I sung Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes to Emma. She was finishing parts of the song.
  • Michaela’s vocabulary has taken off since we ditched her binkie a few months ago. She loves to tell folks that I’m her daddy. She also likes to point out my possessions (“It’s Daddy’s car. That’s Daddy’s shirt). She knows words that we didn’t know she knew. Surprises us daily. She knows the difference between a helicopter and an airplane.
  • Saturday was their first time out of the shopping carts and roaming around the store. As expected, sometimes they went in 3 different directions. They did good though. They waved at folks, and loaded the shopping cart up with things we had no interest in buying. They are very social kids. They seemed to put a big smile on folks’ faces…nothing wrong with that!
  • They are enjoying swimming at the California Family Fitness pool. Their confidence is growing. Yesterday Christopher enjoyed floating in the water without his feet touching. Eventually they will learn to move their hands and feet and turn around. I see lots of parents shaking their head (or counting out 1, 2, 3) when they see us because they can’t even imagine…which leads me to my final common quote of late:

I can’t even imagine…

Neither could we until we were blessed with the honor of being their parents πŸ™‚



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