If you’ve spent any amount of quality time around our kids, you’ve by now seen that they are both confident and humble. It’s possible that some of me rubbed off on each of them. And their mother works tirelessly to instill the values they will need to be self sufficient later in life. Neither of these things are bad attributes to have if they exist in the right balance.

They are confident in their abilities. They feel they can do anything, even if that is not initially the case. They are not afraid to interact with other kids, try new things or show what they’ve learned. We wanted them to be confident because we didn’t want them to be mislead by those that will eventually tell them they can’t do or be something. I dealt with it growing up, and I used it as fuel to succeed. People used to tell me all the time growing up that I wasn’t smart enough, or that I probably wasn’t going to accomplish a specific goal. Even today, I hear on occasion from folks that I’m not ready for something.

The kids are also humble, too. I think this is a product of the love they receive. They each have a gentle, compassionate side to them. There is a big difference between loved and spoiled. They’ve had everything they needed their entire existence, but probably not everything they wanted – that’s what helps keep them humble. I recently got some feedback that I presented myself as too humbled by my experience, and therefore lacking the confidence to take on a particular role. Those that truly know me laugh at that assessment. There are a few people that saw me lose my confidence after my father passed away, only to ultimately find it again later. I’m happy to share my experiences with others – they make me as unique as the path I’ve taken. When I was growing up I had everything I needed one way or another, but also experienced a wave of poverty. Also, at one point, having kids seemed out of reach – elusive, in fact. But guess what – they are here now…

I am successful because my parents gave me the tools to be so. I am humble because I’ve allowed myself to be vulnerable and live life, and that means facing the good and bad times – it all makes you stronger. I’ve failed and have lessons learned from those failures.

I can’t wait to share the story of how the kids got here with them. They will be glad we chose not to give up on the idea of them. I dream big, and they are the result. We had patience and were rewarded. And while they drive us crazy at the moment, we are confident they will succeed, and humbled by the havoc they wreak day in and day out. It’s all a part of the process. They are the product of unique choices, high stakes risks, and a great deal of effort from both parents. Huge sacrifices were made. I truly believe all of this has made me a better leader in my career. How can it not?

I certainly still have goals that I want to achieve. I will keep grinding until I achieve them. One way or another I will…trust! You are always redefining yourself throughout life, searching for your purpose. When the kids come, you realize they missed a great deal of the story. Look at a guy like Tiger Woods. His kids missed the entire wave of his greatness, and it is something that they might have to just watch on video. They’ve essentially seen him do nothing but struggle mightily. You would have to think he’s been humbled by all he has endured the past decade. Still he has a chance to pen an amazing story of being a great dad.

Thanks for reading!


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