The list could be long, but here are the highlights:


  • Is rarely seen without a binkie
  • Lots of new teeth, including a few molars
  • Walks around so fast, switching her little hips
  • Determined to steal whatever the other two have in their possession.  Determined, period.
  • Does not boss the other two around when in public social situations.  She’s the most reserved one
  • Now sports really fine wild hair.  Styling it is still pending until we see what it will do
  • Is a busy body.  She is rarely idle
  • Has intense eyes
  • Does NOT like it when we leave the room.  We can only imagine how dropping her off at daycare would end.  Meltdown city!
  • Loves to play keep away.  Pretends like she’s bringing us something, and then makes a quick U-turn


  • Is the most reserved of the three
  • Sleeps in the room with me upstairs in her pack and play most of the night
  • Loves her sleep
  • Loves soft plush toys.  Actually coos and caresses them
  • Is afraid of Christopher most of the time – there are very valid reasons for this.  He’s a bulldozer
  • Is actually the most vocal of the three
  • Gets easily excited and makes quick sudden movements.  Watch your bottom lip!
  • Loves pizza sauce
  • Can turn the light off in the kitchen if you tell her to when you walk by
  • Will probably be the one that wants to go away to college to escape the other two
  • Has a ticklish neck

Christopher (Mister Christer)

  • FINALLY got a tooth on the top (6 months after his first 2 bottom ones came in)
  • Loves to wrestle with his daddy when he gets home from work
  • Drools a lot
  • Has the worst balance of the three at the moment.  He’s always plopping down
  • Hasn’t yet learned to not stand up under the kitchen travertine table.  He can easily see what’s on the table.  If you don’t look at him when he does it usually he will not cry
  • Loves to play hard with Michaela.  They drift off to various adventures in their play area together
  • Is the best at putting himself to sleep
  • Loves to shake his head “No, no, no”.  I think it makes him dizzy
  • Has a ticklish neck
  • Doesn’t care what/who is in his path.  Mows right through it/them
  • Loves to drink out of sippy cups…and spit the liquid everywhere

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